Reasons People Don’t See Their Dentist and Why They Should

We’re great at convincing ourselves to avoid pain and seek pleasure. But sometimes, our choices to avoid discomfort lead us in the wrong direction.

For example, many people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Even though regular dental visits are key to preventing and treating oral health issues, only 35% of working-age American adults go to the dentist each year.

Here are the top three reasons people avoid the dentist and six reasons why visiting your dentist twice a year can improve your daily life:

1.    Cost

Cost is the main reason people skip their dentist appointments. Although it might seem less exciting to budget for a dental cleaning than to save up for a vacation, investing in your oral health pays off in many ways.

Good oral health keeps your teeth strong and boosts your overall health. It also lifts your self-confidence and requires minimal upkeep.

Reasons to Visit Your Dentist: Investment

Investing in your oral care now can protect your most valuable assets, like your teeth, your health, your long-term financial stability, and your sense of well-being.

2.    The Belief That Oral Health is Already Good

It’s easy to believe that if you brush and floss regularly and have no symptoms, your oral health is in great shape. This makes visiting the dentist seem unnecessary. However, even the best daily oral hygiene won’t remove tartar or match the cleaning techniques and tools of a professional.

Tartar, also known as dental calculus, is a crusty deposit that forms on your teeth when plaque isn’t removed. It’s not just unsightly and stained; it also makes it hard to clean off plaque, raising your risk of cavities, gum recession, and gum disease.

Your dental team can spot early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and fractures during routine cleanings and exams.

Self-Care is a Reason to Visit Your Dentist

Just like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water, seeing your dentist at least twice a year is a form of self-care that can improve your daily health and quality of life.

3.    Time

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Studies show that investing in something that saves time feels more rewarding than buying material things. It might seem easier to skip the dentist to save some time for work or fun.

However, avoiding routine dental care might save you time now, but it will cost more time and money later. Restorative treatments are needed to fix issues like gum disease and tooth decay. If you ignore a dental problem, it will take more time to fix later.

Reasons to Seek Your Dentist: Long-Term

Saving time. Choosing to visit the dentist now can help you save valuable time and prevent unnecessary discomfort and anxiety.

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