Navigating Emotional Wellness in the Digital Age

An expanding body of evidence links digital technology usage and social media engagement with various negative mental health outcomes; however, research to date has mostly been correlational in nature and focused on adults rather than adolescents; producing small positive, negative, and null associations. Support your children to balance screen time with other activities that promote […]


Breaking Bad Habits – Strategies for Overcoming Addictions

Breaking bad habits is no easy feat, but it is possible. The first step should be recognizing your unhealthy behavior. Next, track your habit. Writing down its cue (what happens immediately before an action or behavior occurs), routine, and reward can help identify triggers leading to bad habits as well as provide effective alternatives. 1. […]


Easy and Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Busy People

Meal prep can be an efficient way to save time while remaining nutritious. Select several recipes that appeal to you and create a grocery list to gather the necessary ingredients. Next, decide how many portions will need to be prepared per recipe. Breakfast Breakfast is the cornerstone of daily health – it provides energy to […]


The Connection Between Gut Health and Overall Wellness

Your gut plays an incredible role in both physical and mental wellbeing, influencing mood, digestion and more through its trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside there. Maintaining a balanced microbiome is vital to overall wellness. A diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables as well as fermented foods (kefir or sauerkraut) can support […]


Alternative Approaches to Pain Management

Chronic pain is a public health crisis with serious implications on people’s lives and economies alike. Persistent pain costs the United States approximately $560 billion each year in medical costs and lost productivity losses alone. Evidence indicates that non-drug and complementary health approaches may reduce pain, increase coping abilities and promote overall well-being. Nurses must […]


Is Root Canal Painful?

You may have heard about root canal pain and wondered if it really hurts. Thankfully, root canal procedures are a relatively safe alternative to tooth extraction and can help restore natural tooth function and look. While you may think that root canals are painful, they are actually very safe and are performed to get rid […]