Understanding the Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Well-Being

Studies continue to illustrate the relationship between oral health and serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and more. Holistic dentistry supports these findings with powerful preventive measures that help patients remain healthy over their lives.

Holistic dentists understand the interrelation between oral health and overall physical wellness.

Boosts Immune System Strength

Holistic dentists focus on strengthening a patient’s immune system to keep the body healthy, as well as encouraging a balanced diet, proper sleep schedule and regular physical activity among other practices that promote overall wellness.

This type of dental care can be especially helpful for patients who have a family history of gum disease, severe allergies or are taking multiple prescription drugs, as it reduces the need for lengthy dental procedures and treatments.

Holistic dentists provide nontoxic alternatives to conventional dental treatments like fluoride and sealant applications, metal fillings and mercury amalgam fillings in dental amalgams, etc. Their restorations often feature biocompatible materials like porcelain as part of their approach.

Additionally, they use digital x-rays which emit significantly less radiation than traditional ones; this is essential when working with patients who may have compromised immune systems or suffer from asthma and may react adversely to high levels of exposure.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease can develop from any number of sources, including dental problems. A strong immune system is one way to lower risk, along with diet, exercise and stress management strategies. Working with a holistic dentist to identify what your body requires in order to stay healthy and strong may also be helpful.

Holistic dentists place more importance on overall patient health than traditional ones do. They’ll ask about your diet and products used to care for your teeth as well as medical history and stress levels to develop a long-term plan that will enhance quality of life.

Holistic dentists typically advocate replacing mercury-containing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored resin fillings, digital x-rays using lower doses of radiation and preferring smaller bursts than are present with traditional radiographs; and may recommend alternatives like topical ozone therapy as solutions to neurotoxin exposure.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Your mouth and gums aren’t isolated from the rest of your body – overall health has an effect on their wellbeing, which is why holistic dentists always take into account your overall well-being when treating any dental issues that may arise.

These dentists may take your blood pressure and blood sugar level before providing dental treatments, which gives them a better idea of the impact any procedure might have on your general health. Furthermore, they tend to favor using biocompatible materials that won’t cause adverse reactions and limit their use of X-rays that emit less radiation.

If you suffer from bruxism or sleep apnea, healthcare practitioners will likely assist you with creating a relaxing bedtime routine and recommend a night guard to reduce grinding and clenching, which may contribute to jaw disorders and tooth decay. They may also advise changes to diet, nutritional supplements, exercise routines and lifestyle that promote healthier living habits that strengthen immunity in turn reducing risks such as gum disease.

Prevents Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Holistic dental care can assist in the prevention of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), such as clicking, popping or grinding sensations in your jaw joint. Furthermore, holistic dentistry helps alleviate headaches, fatigue and facial pain by strengthening immune systems.

Traditional dentists frequently employ mercury amalgam fillings; holistic practitioners prefer nontoxic composite or glass ionomer material to fill cavities instead. Furthermore, holistic dental practices use digital X-rays which produce up to 80% less radiation exposure.

A holistic dentist may suggest herbal remedies and dietary changes to help enhance your overall well-being. Though not fully tested, these treatments have been found to help lower stress levels and promote healthier living, as well as get you a good night’s rest and lower risks like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. They may even help stop nightly teeth grinding that leads to TMJ issues.

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