How can a PRSS of Sober Living Austin Tx Help in Addiction Treatment

Peer Recovery Support Specialist or PRSS is a program that has been developed to help people going through rehab, get personalized support from trained individuals. These individuals are certified Recovery Support Specialists who will provide personalized peer support by forming meaningful relationships with rehab patients.

If you are seeking recovery from drug addictions, the PRSS program can help you when you are going through Sober Living Austin TX. By having a personalized support specialist by your side, you can make large strides in drug de-addiction.

Addiction Treatment is Important

Getting treatments for drug addictions is very important, for you will need professional assistance to get you through the hard times. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we have partnered with MAP, or Measure, Act, Prevent, a third-party provider based in Austin, TX, to provide support during the rehab process. PRSS can help you when you transition out of detox and residential treatment. It can also be requested when you are admitted into IOP, sober living, or when you are discharged home from residential alcohol detox Austin Texas or detox.

With PRSS you will be assigned a personal support specialist, with whom you can share your problems, and seek meaningful solutions to them. They can guide you towards sober living by training you to develop healthy habits and a strong mindset.

Specialists Who Have Already Come Out of Addiction

The specialists are not just any ordinary people. They are people who have come out of addictions themselves. They have over 3+ years of personal recovery from addiction, 1+ year of full-time experience in peer recovery support, & they are certified by the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).

Their goal is to guide and support you in recovery by maintaining a genuine relationship with you and they detect any signs of relapse during your recovery. By identifying these signs early, they can effectively address the issues to help you get back on the recovery track.

PRSS Support is Helpful

With PRSS you can schedule a personalized recovery pathway just for yourself. You can ask for weekly and bi-weekly support sessions, whereby, you can receive four sessions with their Peer Recovery Support Specialist each month, for up to 90 days. After this period, you can meet with your Peer Recovery Support Specialist on a bi-weekly basis, or as needed depending on risk level. This kind of flexibility will help you during drug rehab Austin Texas.

Sober Living Helps in Lasting Recovery

You will also have 24/7 access to live recovery support services, whereby you can call the MAP any time or day to receive support when you need urgent care. PRSS reduces the risk of relapse by improving long-term engagement with patients in addiction treatment. If you seek immediate recovery from drugs, be sure to contact us at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. We can help you recover safely and fast. You will get the best environment for you to work on yourself and come out of the addiction. Come and build the best version of yourself with our recovery home.

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