Which Fitness App is Best For Women?

Apps designed specifically to assist women in meeting their fitness goals can make the journey much simpler, making healthy habits much simpler to sustain. But which apps exist specifically?

Aaptiv is an award-winning workout app, serving as your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand. Offering yoga, strength training and HIIT workouts with regular updates bringing new content, it has you covered for all aspects of fitness!

1. Fitbod

Fitbod is an innovative workout app that uses its proprietary training algorithm to design personalized workout plans. Ideal for those without personal trainers, Fitbod helps achieve all sorts of fitness goals from strengthening to weight loss.

One of the app’s standout features is its ability to match workouts to equipment you have access to. Simply tell it what equipment is in your home, and it will filter out routines that require it – an invaluable feature for people traveling between gyms or training at multiple facilities.

An outstanding feature is its attention to detail, including exercise illustrations that clearly outline each movement and help beginners avoid mistakes and ensure proper form. Plus, you can save and share workouts with gym buddies.

2. Fiit

Fiit stands out as an affordable, user-friendly alternative to major apps like Peloton and Les Mills+ by being cheaper, easier, and offering more workout variety. Fiit strives to recreate boutique group class experiences at home through pump up music, energetic instructors and the option to book into live classes streamed live from studios; additionally it features on-demand bodyweight classes as well as sessions utilizing equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands.

This app makes exercise fun by showing your stats on screen and rewarding you with stars for hitting target rep counts in strength workouts or beating your calorie burn and heart rate totals in cardio classes (a chest-worn Fiit strap can be purchased separately). Furthermore, training plans provide guidance towards meeting your fitness goals.

3. Nike Training Club

The free NTC app features over 500 on-demand workouts ranging from five minutes to one hour in duration, complete with photo descriptions and video demonstrations of every move to ensure success. You can browse workouts by muscle group, training focus (such as endurance, strength or yoga) or equipment available – you can even select sessions inspired by female athletes such as Simone Biles, Alex Morgan or Cristiano Ronaldo!

As a Nike member, you have access to the premium NTC app for unlimited workouts and coaching sessions. The app keeps a record of your past workouts and rewards you with “badges” when you work out multiple times each week or reach specific milestones along your fitness journey. Available both for Apple and Android devices.

4. Alo Moves

Alo Yoga, known for their athleisure brand that counts Kendall Jenner and Hailee Steinfeld among their fans, have created this on-demand holistic wellness platform, with classes including yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, nutrition, self-care and mindfulness available across various styles.

Reviewers frequently rave about the quality of classes, praising instructors as professional and inspiring. Furthermore, many users like that the app allows you to download routines for playback offline if your internet access goes out.

Alo Moves seems worth its $20/month membership fee with challenging workouts led by world-class instructors and an expansive library of routines for users to select from – not to mention an app that’s simple to use! Some users may experience some problems with its search function. Still, overall Alo Moves seems well worth its cost as users report having trouble searching efficiently for routines they want.

5. obe Fitness

Peloton and ClassPass require specific pieces of fitness equipment in order to operate, but obe allows you to take classes on any phone, laptop, or TV using just their app. Their library features thousands of dance cardio workouts as well as HIIT classes as well as yoga and barre-based ones; you can filter by intensity level for added control; plus they provide prenatal and postnatal classes for expecting moms.

The OBE team focuses on building community and helping women fall in love with movement. They recognize that women may struggle to access enough exercise due to a variety of obstacles, such as diet culture and multiple responsibilities, which prevent them from getting adequate physical activity. OBE works to break these down by offering supportive community with encouraging, highly-trained instructors.

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